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The Background of Having a “Tiger Team” Approach……

tiger team is a group of experts assigned to investigate and/or solve technical or systemic problems. A 1964 paper defined the term as “a team of undomesticated and uninhibited technical specialists, selected for their experience, energy, and imagination, and assigned to track down relentlessly every possible source of failure in a spacecraft subsystem.”…

========================================================================= Basically, tracking down the sources of failure in a legal case requires isolation of issues, plus knowledge of certain procedure; we are not talking about appealing a case here, but rather, setting up a plan with strategy so that your problems can be solved and the past losses can be overcome. Oftentimes, attorney takes over when clients have lost all hope of ever obtaining any result, much less justice….

As an example: client (wife) had a case going to TRAC calendar years ago, for nearly 4.5 years, and never was able to get either spousal support, or any of her possessions from the ex. Attorney took over case for the TRIAL (after client had been in/out of court with 3 different attorneys for years!!)  After 2 hours in court, on cross exam, the ex  husband’s attorney called a recess; we settled the case after attorney for wife — caught the ex in a statement which implicated him in fraud (when compared to the bankruptcy document)….  Wife accepted $28,000….and $6,000 in attorney fees.. and that was after deduction for his rental credits, which was quite high.

In attorney’s experience, many  pro se clients failed  simply because they are not attorneys.  Not that they were necessarily ‘wrong’, but the approach/methods used to obtain results were not fashioned to convince the court in many instances.

[Note: *IF you have exhausted your remedies and have grounds for an appeal [to CA Appellate Court], you will need to consult with an attorney that does appellate work.]

In most family law cases, especially orders involving custody and visitation, there are very few orders that cannot be changed, even if over time…  Orders given by the court can be changed as a general rule, subject to the facts and other legal consideration. Mediation, for example is usually limited to being held twice in a year’s time, but we have seen cases that consistently are high conflict, and are in court every 3 months; or reviews might be ordered, with mediation to follow yet again. The best method is to NOT damage one’s chances IN the mediation to begin with, by having faulty conduct (such as drugs, DUI, proven failure to work, having bench warrants, no food in house for kids, going to jail for battery, having DV TRO)… Many parents do not have any of these problems, but their emotional or anxiety levels are very very high, and their modes of coping are limited/or they must or choose to take medication. It is possible that any of these issues could affect one’s mediation.

Parents that are disabled or partially disabled are not necessarily at a disadvantage … Attorney has seen a parent with mental issues (fairly severe) with a child that had obvious hyperactivity and was not meeting age markers (mother was former heroin addict) but mother completed drug program and was awarded full custody and allowed to do a move away.  So that proves that even former heroin addicts can gain custody. Not that this mother would really know how to raise the child correctly, we suspect the grandmother would end up doing it realistically….

Fixing the broken case usually requires the following ……

  • Determine what was possibly done wrong, whether by mistake or not
  • Determine worst scenario right now,  and best alternatives
  • Client’s entire file must be examined for all faults, including mistakes in arguing key points, failing to isolate key issues, failure to make the correct premise or defense; not noticing that a court error was made and your case was defaulted;  misplaced assertions on non facts, ignoring the law and just making accusations, not being clear on the actual fact pattern, leaving out the key facts?
  • Legal errors can also occur, such as failing to do your peremptory challenge when the case is FIRST filed with the Court, failing to file responses, failing to file the correct motion, etc.
  • Determine what steps, how difficult, and how much time will it require
  • If any of the parties are high anxiety and do not handle stress very well, the case will take longer to fix in most instances. Drug, alcohol or criminal issues will complicate a case; mental, or emotional issues with domestic violence will also do the same.
  • Self employed spouses hiding income are also difficult due to the cost/time it takes to investigate; sometimes the spouse will quit their job. Others will stop working and go to school, and some spouses will actually abandon their own children and not even visit them at all.  A good defender will be able to take proven income (even if it’s only 6 months a year) and use several  years of that to establish the historical income earned…even if the wage earner doesn’t work for 6 months. Or, surveillance can be used to prove up the actual conduct of spouses who claim they don’t work, or can’t work [like worker’s comp investigators do..]

 A skilled, experienced advocate must be able to both visualize and recognize sources of  future potential failure….usually in advance.  Attorney herein is exceptionally good at this, and has actually resurrected losing cases.

Of course– you may not have a case that didn’t go well, and you just want to hopefully win the first time around!


Some non-obvious issues can create ugly

results if they were overlooked

prior to attorney coming into the case… it is also

                      possible to likely fix these issues later on, which can vary in time


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